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[Fortuna nos curat]

[Carpe diem]

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My name is Sarah, a Belgian Harry Potter fan. I love Slytherin and being evil...
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I am over the age of 18.

Favo food: french frites!
Favo Color: Green, black and grey. Or silver.
My True Love: My Computer (and you know what? We always make it up after a fight!)
Greatest Enemy: The Microwave (It's an evil, evil thing...)
Biggest dream: Become a famous writer and/or rule the world. *Mwuahahahaha!*
Addicted to : Coffee, Internet, and Writing.
Evilness: Dangerously high.

Tarot Cards
Soul Stealer
A bony, dead hand grasps the door, pushing it open.
Divinatory Meanings: This card is one of endings. It stands for inevitable danger, bad memories and the past that resurfaces. Depending on the cards surrounding it, good or evil may come from this suffering.
Reversed: Happy memories resurface, perhaps meeting an old, almost forgotten friend. A danger is evaded. Also coming to therms with the past.
Dark Creatures: If this card appears next to another Dark Creature Card, the problems will escalate. If Soul Stealer appears at the right of the Sun Card, the suffering will be of short duration. Left of the Sun Card, a longer duration.

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