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NaNoWriMo 2009

My big plans for the weekend ended with a meagre 40k. Still ahead of scedule, but more than 500 words a day was impossible. I could blame the hangover I had (my first and hopefully last) but that would be lying. I was, simply, stuck. I didn't know where to go from there. In the last 10k the story had to be finished, all loose ends wrapped up, and I still didn't know where my characters were going. So I stalled.
Until yesterday. I was lying in bed, and suddenly I had an epiphany. I saw where it had to go, how they would get there, and now I'm praying I'll get it wrapped up in less than 10k, because to write I'd like both inspiration (check!) and time (damn).
I ran downstairs, grabbed a pen and wrote down the plotline. Than I went to bed, and this morning I did my homework, which was more-or-less finshed at half past four in the afternoon. And then I wrote.
I'll keep writing. The 45k awaits me. And after that...

Wordcount: 43055.


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